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Interview on the Morning Brew on new Chinese housing contract - May 29th 2019

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2019/05/29/video-interview-on-the-morning-brew-on-new-chinese-housing-contract/


Resort Development in Tobago: A Stakeholder Perspective - 28th May 2019

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2019/05/28/video-resort-development-in-tobago-a-stakeholder-perspective/


Sandals Tobago and what you need to know - an Analysis - 16th December 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/12/16/video-sandals-tobago-what-you-need-to-know-a-conversation/


Video: Interview on TTT on Tobago Sandals MOU - 11 Dec 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/12/11/video-interview-on-ttt-on-tobago-sandals-mou-11-december-2018/


Audio: INDABA Interview on Sandals Tobago - 21 Nov 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/11/24/audio-indaba-interview-on-sandal-tobago-21-nov-2018/


Morning Brew interview on La Brea Dry Dock project – 10 Sep 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/09/12/video-morning-brew-interview-on-la-brea-dry-dock-project-10-sep-2018/


Interview with Afra Raymond on CNC3 Morning Brew - 7th August 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/08/08/video-interview-on-cnc3-morning-brew-7-august-2018/


Audio: Property Tax interview on Boom Champions - 3 June 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/06/05/audio-property-tax-interview-on-boom-champions-3-june-2018/


Video: Property Tax interview on Morning Brew - 29th May 2018

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2018/06/05/video-property-tax-interview-on-morning-brew-29-may-2018/


CTV Interview with Afra Raymond on Housing Policy - May 1st 2018

Link: http://afraraymond.net/2018/07/03/video-interview-on-housing-policy-on-ctv-1-may-2018/


VIDEO: Hotel Facts Seminar at UWI - Thursday 9th November 2017

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2017/12/02/video-hotel-facts-seminar-at-uwi-9-november-2017/


VIDEO - Bussin Files at The Big Black Box - Wednesday 15th November 2017

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2017/12/02/video-bussin-files-part-2/


AUDIO - Interview on Sunday Showdown I95.5FM - Sunday 26th November 2017

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2017/12/06/audio-interview-on-showdown-on-i95-5-fm-26-november-2017/


VIDEO: UWI Engineering Faculty 2017 Prizes & Awards Ceremony feature address – 24 October 2017

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2017/11/06/video-uwi-engineering-faculty-2017-prizes-awards-ceremony-feature-address-24-october-2017/


VIDEO: Address to 6th Annual Caribbean Valuation and Construction Conference – 3 November 2017

Link: https://afraraymond.net/2017/11/07/video-address-to-6th-annual-caribbean-valuation-and-construction-conference-3-november-2017/


AUDIO: The Breakfast Round Table interview on Sky 99.5FM – 10 Aug 2015

Afra Raymond is interviewed on the ‘The Breakfast Round Table‘ show on Sky 99.5 FM by Eddisson Carr, Jessie May Ventour, Dr Wayne Haywood about the current flare-up by developer Derek Chin regarding his continuation in the controversial and contested Invaders’ Bay project.

Audio courtesy Sky 99.5 FM
Programme Date: Monday, 10 August 2015
Programme Length: 32:42

Link: https://afraraymond.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/audio-the-breakfast-round-table-interview-on-sky-99-5fm-10aug2015/


Raymond & Pierre's 40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary (slideshow/video)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyc00Vyax20

40th Anniversary Breakfast Meeting (video)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaAMdhYlWzU


Other Multimedia for streaming/download:

bulletRICS Americas Property World podcast - interview with Afra Raymond


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